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Individual Psychotherapy

Life can be a lot. Whether you are 5 or 55 years old there are a lot of reasons you might need the support of a counselor. At Better Together we are equipped to provide therapy (aka counseling) to individuals of all ages. Since we see each client as a unique person with personal needs we work with you to identify what we work with you on. We use a wide range of evidence based approaches including CBT, TF-CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Strengths Based, Behavioral Approaches, Play Based, Seeking Safety, Zones of Regulation, and more. We are continuously obtaining training and reading clinical materials to learn more approaches to therapy.

A unifying approach for all of our social workers and their work is that we are relationship focused. Dr. Scott Miller’s research on how our therapeutic relationship impacts our clinical outcomes is central in our work. Dr. Miller has shown that clients get the best outcomes, regardless of approach used by the therapist, when they feel heard, safe, and supported. He encourages clients and clinicians to have open conversations about the therapeutic relationship and each session. The goal of this is to adjust the methods used to best meet each client where they are at. If the relationship isn’t working we will work with you to find a provider who can best meet your needs.

We want you to feel you are getting as much as you can from therapy. In order for you to achieve maximum benefit from our work together we encourage you to be an active participant in each session. We want you to be honest about your life and feelings. We will protect your privacy (according to state law we do have to break confidentiality if a child/elderly/disabled person is being harmed, you have a plan to harm yourself, or you have a specific plan to harm someone else). We often will ask you to practice the skills we discuss in therapy or to engage in some other kind of work outside of therapy, but we also know life doesn’t always go as planned. We invite you to let us know if you don’t get to the assignment so we can evaluate what got in your way (ie was the activity not a good fit for you, is life consistently so chaotic there wasn’t time, work pressures, etc) so we can ensure you have all the tools and knowledge you might need to achieve your goals.

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