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Professional Speaker

Beth loves public speaking. Since she was in junior high school she has been facilitating workshops, speaking to large groups, and performing. Beth has spoken to community organizations including the Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network and EPIC, state conferences such as the MO DMH Spring Institute, and national conferences like BACCHUS/GAMMA conference.

Beth offers key note presentations and workshops that focus on how to live your best life through setting limits and letting go of perfectionism. Beth addresses self care as personal leadership that is critical for people who are leading organizations. As a LCSW she is happy to assist with the documentation you might need to provide continuing education credit to social workers who attend her trainings.

Additional topics Beth has presented:


  • Understanding mental health in the workplace

  • The intersection of mental health issues and autism

  • Working collaboratively for care of people with mental health and/or autism (with a focus on the family or providers)

  • Peripartum Mental Health

  • The lessons you didn’t learn in Social Work School

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