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Couples Therapy

Relationships can be incredibly tricky and look a LOT of different ways. We don’t believe one way of loving each other is best and we also know know sometimes that love is not enough to create a happy relationship. As an inclusive practice that serves people who are LGBTQIA+, Kink, and Polyamorous we will start with understanding your unique relationship dynamics and goals. Among other approaches, we use the Gottman Approach. Dr.s John and Julie Gottman have done extensive research to identify what makes a relationship thrive or fail. They have shown that you can be a couple who fights loudly or seems to never argue and still succeed. We will help you identify what areas of your relationship need to be nurtured and develop practical skills. We also work with people who are ending a relationship (ie a marriage) and want to develop a cooperative relationship for the purpose of co-parenting or other joint purpose.

Relationship therapy can be done in person or by telehealth. We learned during Covid 19 that having the option for partners to join a session from different locations or from home so kids can safely play during therapy can remove a huge barrier from therapy. Our telehealth system, Simple Practice, allows you to hide your face and have the other parties open together. You are able to clearly hear and see everyone and at times a little distance can help us to better share our thoughts.

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