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Better Together Mental Health

Clinical Supervision and Professional Speaking

Collaborating with clients to create real change

Therapy Sessions
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Life can be really hard.  We have a lot of different internal and external pressures. Often it is hard to figure out what to do to make things better.  We would love to partner with you to create a life that works for you.

Getting Help

It seems like everyone wants a piece of your time.  Whether it is at work, school, family, friends, organizations, or someone else, there is always competition for you and you feel empty.  Imagine a place with comfy furniture and soft lighting where you can drink your coffee while it is still warm and complete an entire sentence without interruption.  That is what we want to offer you in therapy.  We want to give you support, help you examine your issues, challenge you when it is needed, offer you new skills/ideas, and to be in your corner.  


What our Clients say ?

"I was originally referred to Beth Orns while pursuing supervision for the LCSW licensure process.  Gosh, did I luck out.  Beth is not only knowledgeable, kind, and caring but long after our supervision window she has remained a responsive and connected colleague and friend.  Beth is continually driven towards excellence in helping her clients, colleagues, friends, and family." 

Francesca Tocco, LCSW
Veterinary Social Worker
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Working together to create your best life

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